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growing community.


     "Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming." -- Buddha





 Wellness Package available for sale until July 31st!

Wellness Package - 10 classes for $99


Wellness Package PLUS - 16 classes for $159.00



A special notice from Erika:  

To my friends, students and fellow yogi’s: with a heavy heart I am announcing that I am leaving Orchid Tree Yoga after July 8th 2017.   I have truly enjoyed my teaching experiences both here at Orchid Tree and formerly Orenda Yoga.  The students that have graced the studio are quality, amazing people.  I have made this difficult decision for the purpose of nurturing much needed balance in my life.

I hope to connect with the Orchid Tree community in the future in some capacity.  Please always feel free to reach out via email.

As always continue to follow your BEST: “Balanced life, Easy mind, Strong body, True yoga- with and without your mat!”


Erika Pelletier


Chair Yoga will be moving to Fridays at 9:30am starting Friday, July 7th.


Please be aware of the following cancellation:  The Restorative series that was being offered on Tuesday evenings
has been cancelled due to a death in the family.
This will be re-scheduled in the Fall.  Thank you for your patience.


Orchid Tree Logo drawing of circle with purple orchid Interested in trying out some classes?

 Pricing Options can be found at the bottom of this page.  The studio is fully equipped with mats, blocks and props, - everything an aspiring yogi needs.
We recommend comfortable clothing that is not baggy.




Upcoming Events & Workshops


Qigong: The Four Golden Wheels and The 6 Healing Sounds - with Diana Wells, Certified Qigong Teacher

Saturday, July 22: 10:30-11:30am

Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing method, uses simple movement patterns that guides you to experience and empower the life force energy that flows around and within you.  With practice you can increase your vitality and longevity, stimulate the healing of acute and chronic illness and expand your awareness and happiness.  The Four Golden Wheels empowers the 4 primary energy centers bringing clarity, harmony and vitality to your physical body.  The 6 healing sounds brings vibrations and color to the organs of the body, breaking up stagnations and discharging toxins.  

Pre-registration is required.



Spiritual Warrior Yoga Class - with Marcus Rogers 

Saturday, July 22: 2:00pm-4:00pm

This Spiritual Warrior yoga class/workshop is designed to develop feelings of courage and self-love, two of the most important qualities to exercise as we journey through life.  This flow class will be infused with heart openers, hip openers, and variations on warrior poses.  Class will conclude with an extended relaxation series that will focus on healing and rejuvenating.  Some aroma therapy, healing massage and assist, sound vibrations and eye pillow offerings.  Leave class feeling relaxed and ready to tackle any challenge with steadiness and ease.




Gong Immersion - with "Universal Sounds" returns!

Friday, July 28: 7:00-8:00pm

Gong Immersion - an hour of Relaxation Pose, "Savasana", accompanied by the harmonic voices of Robb Kopp and Scott Marshal with the stirring vibrations of 4' gongs and singing bowls.  Lay back, breathe and release...This special performance is not to be missed!

(If you love savasana - and who doesn't ?!, you'll love this event.)  Pre-registration is required.




New Classes

BiggerBodies Yoga - with Laurel Tormey Cole

Mondays: 7:30-8:30pm
Beginning July 3
Flex class pricing or $15.00 drop-in

This class is specifically designed for those with larger bodies.  The benefits of yoga are extensive and are NOT restricted to only those with skinny bodies! Thru the use of props and modifications - specifically for bigger bodies - students will access new realms of strength, confidence, and flexibility and achieve a calmer mind and greater self-confidence. 


Mommy and Me is BACK!!  NEW TIME!  NEW FORMAT!!

Mommy and Me Yoga: 0-5 years - with Melissa Whipple

Tuesdays:  10-11:00am
Starting July 11
 3 for $33 or $15 drop-in

This class offers moms time to practice yoga in a relaxed, fun, flexible atmosphere. Moms will work on strength, balance & flexibility while relieving stress & tension. Class structure depends on the mood of little ones, and energy in the room. Sometimes moms will get to practice yoga for themselves. Sometimes moms & little ones will practice poses together, and sometimes attention will be focused on the little ones with yoga poses, movements, massage, & songs. Mothers of infants will learn massage & movement techniques to facilitate development, promote relaxation and better sleep, and decrease gas. Yoga creates a happy, healthy, balanced life, and practicing with your babies and kids will give them foundational tools to manage life & live peacefully.



Featured Class

BarreFlow - with Svetlana Albanese

Tues:  6pm
Thurs: 5:15pm

A challenging total body workout designed for those who seek a non-impact workout.  BarreFlow combines aspects of yoga, pilates, barre fitness and classic strength training. The focus on posture and form allows even the busiest mind to become more present. Modifications are given to accommodate all fitness levels. Achieve a balanced body and a quiet mind!





A Warm Welcome to our Newest Staff Member!

Orchid Tree Yoga is happy to announce that another Wellness Professional has joined our staff!  We welcome Elena Ajdelsztajn, LMT, to our team of Wellness Professionals.  

Elena is a graduate of the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY and specializes in CranioSacral Therapy. Her practice focuses on using the gentle and effective light-touch techniques of Craniosacral Therapy to help clients find relief from neck and back pain, migraines and headaches, post-surgical pain, ear disorders, joint pain, TMJ dysfunction and much more. 

Elena is scheduling CranioSacral appointments Weds. thru Sats.  Visit our Instructors/Wellness Professionals page to contact her.



A Warm Welcome to our New Staff Member!

Orchid Tree Yoga is happy to announce that another Wellness Professional has joined our staff!  We welcome Kristen Simonds, CRMT, to our team of Wellness Professionals.  Kristen is a Reiki Master as well as an artist, jeweler and yogi.

See above for Wellness Workshops & additional offerings from Kristen, including her fabulous 21 day Journey Workshop, as well as classes, jewelry and, of course: Reiki!






Yoga "Flex" Classes

 - Drop-In $15
 - 3 Classes for $39 (good 30 days from the date of the first class attended)
 - 4 Classes for $48 (good 30 days from the date of the first class attended)
 - 5 Classes for $55 (good 30 days from the date of the first class attended)

Chair Yoga

- 3 Classes for $33
 - Drop-In $15

Student Pricing

- $10.00


Wellness Packages are available quarterly:

Winter Package:  January 1 - March 31
Spring Package:  April 1 - June 30
Summer Package:  July 1 - September 30
Fall Package:  October 1 - December 31

Packages are available for purchase from the 1st thru the last day of the first month of each package.  All classes must be used within that 3 month period.

Wellness Package ($99)

10 Yoga “flex” classes, includes Yoga classes & BarreFlow
$25.00 off a Reiki or Massage Treatment
$25.00 off a Wellness Consultation
One Wellness Workshop
One Wellness Event


Wellness Package PLUS+ ($159)

10 Yoga “flex” classes
6 additional “flex” classes, includes Yoga classes & BarreFlow
$25.00 off a Reiki or Massage Treatment
$25.00 off a Wellness Consultation
One Wellness Workshop
One Wellness Event