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We are OPEN for in-person classes!!



Online Classes Continue!
- Register for individual classes - 


The following Studio classes are available: 

Online Registration is Required for all studio classes.
Space is Limited so....Register EARLY!

Please read the "Our Efforts to Ensure Your Health & Safety" below, prior to registering for a class.


Fit Over 50 - Intermediate - Laurel Tormey Cole 

Mondays:  9:00am-10:00am
$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packages can also be used)

This class is designed specifically for adults over 50 but is open to all students with a minimum of 2 years yoga experience. Modifications are utilized so that students can access poses without strain while working to improve upper body strength, build full core strength and improve balance.


Mixed Level Yoga - Laurel Tormey Cole 

Mondays:  6:00pm-7:00pm
$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packages can also be used)

This class revisits basic poses, asanas, of yoga as well as developing the practice of Sun Salutations. Excellent for beginners with some yoga experience or those who have been away from yoga for some time.  The focus will be on developing full core strength as a means of stabilizing and improving balance.  Breathe and move your way to a more supple, strengthened You!  Atmosphere is light-hearted and supportive.



New Class:
Mixed-Level Hatha Yoga - Colleen Lyons

Tuesdays:  6:30pm-7:30pm

Interested in developing your yoga practice in a warm, supportive, lighthearted environment? Join this mixed-level hatha yoga class, and receive guidance on the progressions of poses and actions of the spine that are best for your body, working with your breath while you move. Every class ends with meditation, leaving you calm and ready for whatever lies ahead. See you on the mat!  



New Class:
Yoga Sampler Series, Part I - Laurel Tormey Cole
Yoga Sampler Series, Part II - Laurel Tormey Cole

Wednesdays:  6:00pm-7:00pm
Part I - Weds. in November:  4, 11, 18
Part II - Weds. in December:  2, 9, 16

$39 per 3-class series

This 2-part series is designed for those who are brand new to yoga or have less than 1 year of yoga experience.  We will explore the basics of yoga postures and the two key, fundamental actions that create a safe, strong yoga practice.  Atmosphere is lighthearted and supportive.

Please bring the following to class: notebook, yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga strap, blanket.  A mask is required during class.  



Beginner Basics - Laurel Tormey Cole 

Thursdays 9:30am-10:30am
$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packages can also be used)

This class provides an introduction to the basic poses, asanas, of yoga as well as to Sun Salutations. Excellent for beginners with little or no yoga experience.  The focus will be on alignment and breath as you move your way to a more supple, strengthened  You!
Atmosphere is light-hearted and supportive.


Wake Up & Flow - Colleen Lyons

Saturdays:  9:00am-10am
$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packages can also be used)

If you're looking to build your energy for the weekend, this is the class for you! Join us for an hour of strength-building, deep stretching, and breath work, so that you can enter your weekend feeling bright and empowered.

Every class incorporates meditation at the end, which complements nicely the energy of the physical practice, so you leave the studio feeling both at ease and ready to take on the weekend.



Our Efforts to ensure your Health and Safety:

The studio has made numerous changes and updates to ensure the health and safety of our Orchid Tree Yoga community.

  1. The studio has been Inspected by the State of New York Health Department. Inspection certificate is posted at the studio.
  2. The studio space has been expanded to allow for maximum comfort and distancing between all participants.
  3. Masks are required according to State guidelines to ensure the safety of all.
  4. Class size is limited to 33% capacity.
  5. No physical mats or props will be provided by the studio.  Please bring your own mat. Please bring your own props if you have them - they are recommended but not required.
  6. The studio has installed:
    Hospital Grade filters for our air circulation systems.
    Touch-free Hand Sanitizer station in entrance.
    Touch-free Soap Dispenser in the bathroom.
    Touch-free Towel Dispenser in the bathroom.
  7. Online payment is strongly Recommended.  Checks will be accepted at the studio.  No cash will be available to make change.
  8. The studio will require temp. check upon entering the atrium.
  9. The studio will require a very brief questionnaire to be filled out upon entering the atrium.
  10. Entrance and atrium are limited to a single person at a time.


We are Excited to greet each and every one of you and are so happy to be back to In Person classes!
We Have


Studio classes will fill quickly.  Please help us to accommodate our returning students by doing the following:

  • Please only register if you PLAN on attending.
  • If the class is Full - please sign onto the wait list.  That will help us to know when to add additional classes to the schedule.
  • Please Cancel if circumstances require so that someone on the Wait List may attend.


We thank you for your patience as we adhere to these state mandated requirements to ensure everyone's health and safety.



Online Yoga Classes at Orchid Tree Yoga!

Hello Everyone!
We miss you all very much!
Students can utilize any pre-paid 30-day packs as well as any classes you have remaining from your Winter Wellness Package.
 OTY students will not lose classes that were paid for prior to the studio closure due to COVID-19.
 To access these classes simply sign in to your MindBody account and go to the classes tab. Virtual (online) classes are listed.
Sign in to register as you would for a regular class.  The instructor will email you the link to access the class via Zoom. It is not necessary to download Zoom in order to access a class.


You will have maximum of a week in which to access a class.  The earlier you register the sooner you will receive the class.  Access will close at the date and time of the class.  Once that class is closed you can register for the next class by going to the Arrow button and going to the next week.

Any questions - feel free to contact Laurel or your instructor via email. All emails are listed on the Instructors page.


Current Class Offerings:

Chair Yoga - Lisa Battisti- Available NOW!

BarreFlow - Svetlana Albanese - Available NOW!

Register below, or go to our classes page

In order to honor the effort of your instructor in offering you this "at home" option to practice yoga, we ask that you not share the link with others as this would deprive your instructor of payment due to an unregistered student.




Congratulations, Orchid Tree Yoga!

Voted #2 BEST YOGA STUDIO in the Capital Region!

A special Thank You! to all the Students, Instructors and Staff of the Orchid Tree Yoga community!
Each of you make us a warm, inviting and supportive community.



Virtual / Online Classes


Chair Yoga - Lisa Battisti

Tuesdays:  9:00am
$5 (30 day packs and Wellness Package classes can also be used)

Chair yoga will move your whole body through mindful movements in seated and standing positions. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of postures designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall wellness. Breathing and relaxation techniques will promote stress reduction, mental clarity, and improved well being.

This is a pre-recorded online class. The instructor will email a link to the class once you are registered.


BarreFlow - Svetlana Albanese

Thursdays:  5:00pm
$5 (30 day packs and Wellness Package classes can also be used)

A challenging total body workout designed for all fitness levels. BarreFlow combines aspects of yoga, pilates, barre fitness and classic strength training. The focus on posture and form allows event the busiest mind to become more present. Modifications are given to accommodate all fitness levels. Achieve a balanced body and a quiet mind!

This is a pre-recorded online class. The instructor will email a link to the class once you are registered.



Wellness Events & Workshops

None scheduled at this time due to COVID-19



Upcoming Events & Workshops

None scheduled at this time due to COVID-19



Orchid Tree Yoga announces the Opening of our satellite location in Knox!

All classes are currently suspended at this location due to COVID-19.  









Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP): for Absolute Beginners! and....  Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga: SUP YogaLaurel Tormey Cole, CYT

Hope to see everyone out on the water in 2021!