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The studio will be closed on Thursday, July 4th.
Happy Summer!!


Orchid Tree Yoga WINS PLATINUM!
for BEST YOGA Studio serving Schenectady!!

Thank you!! to all Orchid Tree Yogis's for your support!
and for being the
BEST yoga community around!


Text or email for available openings: 

Text:  518-729-6308 or email: orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com


NEW CLASS Has Started!! 
- Openings Available -  


Beginner BasicsLaurel Tormey Cole
Thursdays: 5:30pm

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available)
This EVENING class is for Beginners and those who have not taken formal classes.

Text:  518-729-6308 to Register  OR email: orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com



"Laurel, Thank you for sharing your expertise and yourself with us all.  Your kindness and gentle reminders to believe in ourselves makes all the difference.  Your gift to keep us in the moment makes all the difference."  JF



Ongoing CLASSES 
  at Leaf House studio! 


Orchid Tree Yoga offers classes,
programs, and opportunities for
Health, Healing & Growth through the
Leaf House yoga studio in Knox.

Leaf House Studio
focuses on yoga, wellness 
& the health and healing of ourselves and our planet.


COVID has shown us that we cannot separate ourselves from nature
and how desperately we need Nature for our mental and physical well-being.

Please join me in the coming months as we grow,
inside and out,
     to be a source of strength and regeneration for ourselves and our earth.



The following Studio classes are currently offered:


Mixed Level Yoga - Laurel Tormey Cole
Mondays: 4:30pm   
(Call List option Available)

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available)

This class revisits basic poses, asanas, of yoga as well as developing the practice of Sun Salutations. Excellent for beginners with some yoga experience or those who have been away from yoga for some time.  The focus will be on developing full core strength as a means of stabilizing and improving balance. Breathe and move your way to a more supple, strengthened You!






Yoga Body Basics - Laurel Tormey Cole
Mondays: 6:00pm   
(Call List option Available)

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available)

If you are ready to return to yoga but feeling a bit "rusty"....this class is for you! 
We will focus on working from the basic building blocks of yoga to strengthening the core
and improving balance & mobility. Atmosphere is light-hearted and supportive.



Advanced Beginners - Laurel Tormey Cole
Thursdays: 9:00am   
(Call List option Available)

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available)

This class is for those who have studied yoga for a year or more and would like to continue to deepen their understanding and competence with Basic Poses in addition to learning new, more challenging postures. Increasing strength and balance will continue to be a focus as well as increasing awareness of posture and alignment.





Beginner BasicsLaurel Tormey Cole
Thursdays: 10:30am    Openings Available!

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available)

This class provides an introduction to the basic poses, asanas, of yoga as well as to Sun Salutations. Excellent for beginners with little or no yoga experience.  The focus will be on alignment and breath as you move your way to a more supple, strengthened  You!
Atmosphere is light-hearted and supportive.






Beginner BasicsLaurel Tormey Cole
Thursdays: 5:30pm

$15 (30 day packs and Wellness Packs available )
This EVENING class is for absolute Beginners and those who have not taken formal classes.

Text:  518-729-6308 to Register  OR email: orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com



Studio Location:  99 Street Road, Altamont, NY 12009   



Private & Semi-Private Yoga Sessions

Private & semi-private yoga sessions are available by appointment.  This can be a great way to focus on particular issues that you may have physically that are impeding full range of motion or to deal with issues of pain, or if you wish to deepen your personal practice.  I have over 18 years of teaching experience and can provide you with an "at Home" yoga practice specifically designed for you.

To schedule a private or semi-private yoga session: phone: 518-729-6308 or email:  orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com



Studio Updates:

Please READ the following information prior to Registering for a Class.

  • ALL classes are held at: 99 Street Road, Altamont, 12009.  The Guilderland Center studio closed in Dec. 2020, due to the pandemic. 

  • Class space is limited to 8 students.

  • The studio is no longer utilizing MindBody for registrations or payments.  

  • In order to Register for a Class - Simply text or email me:  518-729-6308;   orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com

  • Class Registration is on a First Come-First Served basis.

  • Payments can be done via cash, check or the "Cash App".  

  • The studio is fully equipped with Yoga mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, etc, however, due to the continuing COVID crisis, students are encouraged to bring their own props.

  • This studio is a private residence with a cat.  The cat will sometimes "make an appearance".  If you have allergies to cats, please note.  

  • Studio location address:  99 Street Road, Altamont, 12009.  The studio Entrance is the Side Entrance.

  • Parking is limited.  Please carpool when possible.


Register For CLASSES, Private & Semi-Private Yoga sessions:

text:  518-729-6308
or email:  orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com

Previous Events & Workshops

Orchid Tree Yoga

takes Yoga to
Thacher State Park!!

THANK YOU, Thacher Park, for hosting yoga classes for the community!

Introduction to Native Plants:
Yards and Gardens - Landscaping with Native Plants

10am - 12:30pm

 Everything you want to know!

- Importance and Benefits of Native Plants        - What's Native, What's Not       - Easy Rules for Successful Growing
- How Natives Solve "Problem" areas       - How to Get Started       - Where to obtain Native Plants         and Much More!
To Register: 
Text: 518-729-6308    or Email: orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com

All Participants are requested to bring the following:
A notebook;  a tablet or laptop (Your phone won't work for this);  your questions.

I have 25 years of experience researching, growing, promoting and installing native plants
as well as extensive experience with invasive species identification & removal. 


Native Plants Winter Seed Sowing Workshop! Saturday, Jan.21:  10:00am – 12:30pm

(This is an INDOOR program)
 Host: Rita Jane at the Farm 
Now is the time to sow seeds for Native perennials!

  Join me and learn this simple method
to grow beautiful native perennials, and annuals, for your yard and landscape.
Text:  518-729-6308
Email:  orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com

Winter Birds, And More!

Saturday, Feb. 18
10am - noon

(This is an INDOOR Program)
Wondering who those different birds are at your feeders?  Come to this Winter Birds Workshop and learn how to: 
identify various species, distinguish males from females, learn various species' feeding habits & preferences, and Much More!!
Register now!
Text: 518-729-6308   or  Email: orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com

Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP): for Absolute Beginners! and....  Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga: SUP YogaLaurel Tormey Cole, CYT

Hope to see everyone out on the water in 2021!




Congratulations, Orchid Tree Yoga!

Voted #2 BEST YOGA STUDIO in the Capital Region!

A special Thank You! to all the Students, Instructors and Staff of the Orchid Tree Yoga community!
Each of you make us a warm, inviting and supportive community.



518-729-6308          orchidtreeyoga@gmail.com